Christa Duplantis-Prather, R.N.
Christa Duplantis-Prather, R.N.

Christa Duplantis-Prather, a second generation member of the Terrebonne Parish Governing Body, truly exemplifies the meaning public service.   Christa is currently serving her fifth term on the Terrebonne Parish Council and has served as Chair or Vice-Chair of virtually all committees of the Council.   She was elected by her peers as Council Vice-Chair in 2015.  She has also been very active in the Police Jury Association, having served as Chair or Vice-Chair of several state committees and is a former President of PJA Regions 1 and 2.  Christa has successfully attended most PJA Regions 1 and 2 annual meetings and seldom misses her active participation at the state conventions.   Depending on her schedule, Christa attends NACO Conventions to learn new ideas and exchange philosophies on the management of local governments.  She is currently a member of NACO’s Health Steering Committee.

Christa’s public service does not end with governmental affairs.   She is an alumni of the 2012 Class of Leadership Terrebonne, a Board member of The Haven (domestic abuse victims), participates in the District 5 Neighborhood Watch Program and, in memory of her father, assists the local veterans’ groups in all of their endeavors including the Regional Military Museum.   She is an avid animal lover and was a strong advocate of Parish Government constructing a new animal shelter in the community.

Christa, a Registered Nurse, graduated from LSU Medical School in 1991 and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in 2006.   Her talents as a healthcare professional were recognized when she was recently named as one of the "Top 100 Nurses in Louisiana”.

Giving credence to her motto "Live Proactive, Not Reactive”, Christa believes that we should all plan our futures to get the best results in life – not wait until the problem occurs and then the stumble looking for a solution.  The daughter of the late Floyd Duplantis, former Police Juror, and Mrs. Robena Pertuit Duplantis, Christa is married to the love of her life, Charles Prather.



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