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Police Jury Association of LA

Marvin Lyons
Association Membership Assistant

For over 20 years, Marvin Lyons served as the Legislative Coordinator, Meeting Planner, Convention Coordinator and Research Director for the Police Jury Association of Louisiana. Previously he had served as the Executive Director of the Louisiana Municipal Association. Marvin holds a Masters of Arts with emphasis in Public Administration from the University of Alabama.
Marvin retired from full-time employment with the Association in 2003. Currently, he works part-time under the rules of the Parochial Employees Retirement System. He primarily functions as an advisor to the other members of the staff, and fills in as needed. The rest of Marvin's time is spent in the role of Papa, chasing and chauffeuring his three grandsons.

You can contact Marvin Lyons:
By Mail: 707 North 7th Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
By Phone: 225-343-2835, ext. 111 or 888-551-2835
By Fax: 225-343-0050
By Email: